Banana Facts That Will Amaze And Shock You

Bananas are the most popular and favorite fruit in the world. They are simple and you think you know all about them. But here are some amazing fact about bananas that will shock you.

1. They can be radioactive- and this means emitting ionizing radiation particles. How is this possible? The fruit has a lot of potassium-4, version of the mineral that is isotope radioactive item.

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2. They are not natural plants. They are made by humans near 5000 BC. This was invented by people who discovered the first seeds of banana. There are still bananas with seeds but they have tiny sizes. Still, these seeds are not part of reproduction plant process.

3. If you go sailing, leave bananas behind or eat them before the trip. Many sailors and ship captains or boat owners believe bananas are bad luck aboard on the ship. Some are even too scared for this and even ban ANYTHING with bananas, clothing or even sunscreen.

4. They do not grow on trees so you cannot say banana tree. Some say banana plant, correctly, and the right term is herb. Banana is in fact a berry. Also, 1 banana is called finger and bunch a hand.

5. If you want natural energy and booster of mood, get banana. They have lots of potassium and this mineral is an electrolyte. Also they have tryptophan, serotonin and norepinephrine all fighting depression and make you feel relaxed and well. They have B6 also for better sleep and less mood swings or irritability.

6. Keep the banana peel for many uses. They can remove pimples and be fertilizers for plants.


As humans, we have similar genes to other organic life or animals. What is shocking is that bananas and humans have 50% similar DNA and if you go to a store and examine a banana, you can see another banana 99% identical to the first fruit.