Eliminate Cockroaches And Mosquitoes With This Simple And Natural Recipe!

Like it or not, we are not the only species in our ecosystem, and we have to find a balanced way to share our environment. Rarely will some of us be able to coexist with completely safe and friendly species, as there are such that are present in almost every society, and on top of that annoying and harmful. In this case, we are talking about cockroaches and mosquitoes, which not only disturb us but also put our health in danger. Both of them are in fact carriers of perilous infections and diseases collected from debris and dirt, and any contact of theirs with our blood and our skin can cause irritations and problems.

Both mosquitoes and cockroaches live in environments where they can put their offspring and find food, be that a deposit zone or standing water. The challenge is to find an efficient way to get rid of them, without necessarily involving expensive and dangerous chemicals. Today, we are going to suggest you a chemical-free and completely natural remedy for this problem, thanks to which you will forget these insects ever existed.

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These are the ingredients you will need to prepare the remedy

  • ½ cup of 9% organic vinegar
  • ½ cup of organic vegetable oil
  • ½ cup of your regular shampoo

This is how you can prepare it: Mix these ingredients together until they become homogenous, and transfer the mixture to a plastic spray bottle so that you can apply it in all affected areas where pesky insects appear. The remedy can be used in literally every place or room, as it is completely harmless for your health. An extra tip is to apply it on the skin and protect yourself from mosquito bites while enjoying a summer evening in your garden. Trust us: you won’t find a more effective natural repellent.