How to Use Vaseline to Reverse your Aging Process

If you decide to go to the market and seek anti wrinkle creams, you will be amazed of all the products you will find. But they will also be pricey. Another thing is, even though they claim to make your face wrinkles disappear, as well as your fine lines around your eyes and crow’s feet, how effective can they really be?

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So, instead of buying an expensive face cream, have you tried using Vaseline? A lot of celebrities, including Marylyn Monroe and Jennifer Aniston have used Vaseline to get rid of the wrinkles on their face and around their eyes. So, do you think it can really do you good and fight against wrinkles? Find out in this article.

Use Vaseline

Use Vaseline

For wrinkles – Petroleum Jelly

Wrinkles can be caused by dry skin. This is why dermatologists recommend that people who have dry skin to apply moisturizer frequently in order to maintain the hydration of the skin, and to prevent wrinkles.

But how does the Vaseline petroleum jelly help with that? Well, it will keep your skin tight and elastic. Apply some of the petroleum jelly on the face, under your eyes and on your lips in order to prevent the early wrinkles.

How can the Vaseline be good for wrinkles?

Why choose the Vaseline instead of any other petroleum jelly? Well, the Vaseline is usually used for dry lips. But, it is also good for the wrinkles on your face because of its high molecular weight that creates an impenetrable layer on the skin.

It keeps the dirt away from the surface of the skin and maintains its moisture. So, because it moisturizes the skin, it is good for wrinkles. It keeps the skin hydrated and elastic and prevents any wrinkles from forming.

Also, the Vaseline has some anti aging properties, and is able to plump up those dried up wrinkles. Apply it on your face so you can erase all the wrinkles.

How does the Vaseline help the wrinkles?

The Vaseline can fight the wrinkles in many different ways. First of all, it fights them by plumping them up. This will work on your skin because it will not dry out that easily and will even up your lines.

If you apply some Vaseline on your lips and around them, you will make sure those lip lines will disappear too. And what about the deep wrinkles and furrows? Make sure, these kinds of wrinkles are not easy to remove.

They can be reduced significantly, but never fully removed. This can all be done with the petroleum jelly. Apply it twice a day in order to prevent these lines from developing any further.

Can the Vaseline prevent wrinkles?

You know that the wrinkles occur naturally with the aging process. But, if you regularly apply Vaseline, you may delay the forming of wrinkles on your face.

When you apply it on your skin, it moisturizes it and evens it out so that the wrinkles under the eyes and the face are less visible. But, what you need to know is that the Vaseline cannot prevent the process of creating wrinkles. It will only moisturize the skin, making your wrinkles less visible, but it can’t prevent the overall process.

Fight wrinkles – put Vaseline on your face

let’s face it, we all hate wrinkles because they make us feel and look older. Well, to use the anti aging properties of the Vaseline, apply a layer of it on your face just before you go to bed and use its benefits while you’re sleeping.

Your skin will not only feel hydrated and moisturized in the morning, but it will look much younger too. Wash off your face every night before applying the Vaseline, and apply it while the skin is still moist. This is an important procedure because it will ensure the moisture of the skin is well preserved, and it will keep it youthful, plumped and soft.

What to use for eye wrinkles? Vaseline, of course!

If you are patient and careful, the wrinkles around your eyes can be easily removed. Smooth out the area around your eyes by applying Vaseline on it.

Before applying the jelly, thoroughly clean out the area around the eyes. This means you should remove any make up you have on your eyes. Then, apply the Vaseline and let it stay over the night for full results.

Is the Vaseline a safe option to remove wrinkles?

There are a lot of sources on the Internet that claim the Vaseline is not safe to be used around the eye area. Also, there are Vaseline tubes that write – do not get in contact with the eyes or close to them. If the Vaseline is used properly, it will not cause you any damage at all.

Generally, it can be safely used on your lips, face, skin, around the eyes, hands and your entire body. It will cause discomfort if you put it inside your eyes, because some of the ingredients of the Vaseline are alcohol and lanolin, mineral oil, ceresin and other ingredients.

We hope that you have found this article useful and that you will try using Vaseline against wrinkles!