These Stones Reveal A Surprising Thing About Your Personality

Our unconscious mind is constantly at work – it acts and reacts, processes information and gives you a clean idea of the meaning of what you see. Isn’t it just frustrating not to be able to know what your brain is thinking all the time? Do you want to learn more about yourself? Try this gemstone game – it’s based on your intuition rather than active brain function and will tell you a lot about your personality.

Just pick one of the following stones and see what it says about you.

  1. Opal

If you choose opal, you will have a profound life filled with moments of tranquility that will help you get away from the hustle of everyday life. You will have a long and meaningful life.

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  1. Malachite

If you picked malachite, expect big changes in the near future, probably related to love or your own personality. Assess the possibilities when these changes take place.

  1. Sun stone

This stone is usually picked by optimistic people who are positive and always looking at the bright side of life. Your positive attitude inspires the people around you.

  1. Obsidian

Obsidian usually means change and is usually associated with bad habits. The stone is also a reminder to assess what you have and others don’t.

  1. Howlite

Choosing the fifth stone means that you’re in tune with the spiritual both in dreams and the afterlife. You have a great sense to feel the paranormal.

  1. Dalmatian jasper

The Dalmatian stone is usually picked by cheerful people who don’t waste time on unenjoyable things.