Powerful Chinese Secret to Remove Gallstones in Just 7 Days!!

Gallstones are form in the gallbladder and they are made of cholesterol and salt. People with this stones may live without symptoms but sometimes when they block the gallbladder they cause pain and nausea. In cases they stop the flow of bile out of the gallbladder and liver they cause jaundice.

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Chinese doctor Dr. Lai Chiu Nan gave us an amazing natural recipe for removing the gall stone easily.

If you suffer from gallstones, you should follow thus methods:

  • The first 5 day you should drink 4 glassed of apple juice per day.
  • On the 6 day do not eat dinner
  • At 6 pm take a teaspoon of Epson salt with a glass of water
  • At 8 pm take another glass of water with Epson salt
  • At 10 pm take a half a cup of olive oil with half cup of lemon juice
  • The next day you will find green stones in your stool