Prepare For yourself the Ruby Red Killer of Cancer

The most widely known treatment for cancer is the Rudolf Breuss Ruby Red Cancer Killer. This is a book that has been sold in about a million copies, is translated into five languages, and will provide you with easy and reliable prescription for recovery of cancer as well as reviews from 45.000 persistent victims who have managed to cure themselves.

Here is what Hilde Hemmes says – the one thing that really persuaded her to go after the book were not the easy and efficient treatments, but the 45.000 people before her who were suffering from the same condition and managed to cure it all by themselves. They were all testimonies of how Breuss’s way did make a change, and she decided to try it herself.

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Ruby Red Killer

Ruby Red Killer

Rudolf Breuss is originally a therapist from Austria, a person who had unbelievable amount of love and understanding towards other people. He was born in the year of 1899. His focus was set on discovering a milder treatment for cancer, which could serve as an option to the people who suffered from it.

Then, a roughly translated easy German book, from 300 years ago, enlightened him with the usage and value of vegetables and fruit juices that caught his attention and his dedication for the rest of his life.

His cancer theory

Breuss found out that whenever the cancer happens in the body, it feeds itself from protein. For that particular reason, he deduced that if one sped over a period of approximately 42 days, throughout which numerous teas and juices were to be digested in order to purify and cleanse the body, the cancer would starve, be taken in and be consequently removed from the body.

This is considered to be a radical belief, which contradicts an accepted medical knowledge, but nevertheless, it is now spread all across the world thanks to the Breuss Overall Cancer Treatment.The juice from raw fruits and veggies have constantly been made useful when fighting various disorders and illnesses over time.

These raw juices contain living enzymes and anti-oxidants that have determined to be a crucial part of every person’s dieting plan if they want to stay healthy and create a defense against all of today’s contaminants.Rudolf Breuss created this establishment, the Overall Cancer Treatment, in order to make use of the natural teas and raw veggie juices to treat the numerous kinds of cancer.

Did you know what worked marvelously on the clients? The Breuss tea mix!

This is a mix that he offered, in a liquid type of course, a mixture of minerals and vitamins comprising out of naturally grown carrots, celery, beetroot, potato and Chinese raddish, which can handle the unhealthy tissues within the period of 42 days. One after another, testimonies came in, confirming that his treatment works.

This very same mixture is used for several other medical conditions, but varies in time period or food, depending on the severity of the condition at hand. Breuss’s book describes not only one condition, but a variety of remedies for a wide range of disorders, from not so severe to the most severe ones. Numerous conditions, such as cancer, leukemia, and prostate conditions, even infertility and hay fever – they all have a remedy!

Cancer can only survive with the protein of good food. If you consume absolutely nothing more than natural teas and veggie juices for 42 days the malignant growth will pass away while the body preserves its well being.

In his eighties, Breuss was brought to justice by the Austrian medial fraternity, who considered his low cost remedies to be too economical and too basic! While the battle was ongoing, his defense attorney, who was also a cancer victim cured by Breuss, along with numerous other clients stepped in to testify on his behalf. At that time, even the Austrian president, Rudolf Kirchschlaeger stood on his side!

It was claimed that Rudolf Breuss was the pure example of what a natural therapist must look like, and he is furthermore a true inspiration. People have tried his 6 day veggie and organic tea cleaning dieting plan and they all give the same advice – no matter what, your body needs this kind of detox every six months.

In order to prepare the Breuss Veggie Juice Mixture you are going to need: 300 grams of red beet root, 100 grams of carrots, 100 grams of celery root, 10-30 grams of raw potato and 10-30 grams of Black Raddish.

The potato is the only optional ingredient here, except in the cases of a liver cancer, where it plays a vital role. Other than that, you can prepare your drink at home, just make sure you don’t drink more than half a liter in a day.

For the preparation part, just mix up all the ingredients together and then strain them all in order to get rid of any sediments. Do not leave any solids, for they might make the difference between a proper cure and a nesting place for the cancer.

Before you start consuming this remedy, try adding one quarter of this juice per day to your meals, just so you can adjust more easily.

For the entire treatment protocol, don’t forget to avoid any other foods, other than the juice. Cancer patients especially are not allowed to drink or eat anything else for a period of 42 days, while they are consuming this remedy.

But, if you are a tea lover, it is allowed for you to drink either sage, cranesbill or kidney tea. These types of tea are for all cancer patients.

For those who are fighting leukemia, Breuss advices consuming everything except reheated food, beef, pork and meat soup. The diabetic patients should of course, continue their insulin treatment.

However, in the very end, Breuss reminds those people who went through with his treatment to never ever again try reheated food, and to progressively start consuming low salted foods, light foods and consume about 60 ml of the veggie juice for an additional 2-4 weeks after the treatment is over.