Remove the Mucus, Inflammation and Toxins From Your Lungs

Each person has experienced some breathing issues, whether they were minor or serious, from a runny nose, to allergy, to asthma and more. And yet, people still reach our for their medicine cabinet first, exposing themselves to various chemicals and a lot of side effects.

This is why we will present to you an amazing tea that will perfectly clean up your lungs.Of course, you can always use the cough syrup, but it might only help you in short terms, and you always have to use it in moderation.

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Remove the Mucus, Inflammation and Toxins

Remove the Mucus, Inflammation and Toxins

Otherwise, the side effects can be swelling, vomiting, rashes, itching, troubled breathing, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness.

Other thing, patients also get their prescriptions for corticosteroids in the case of respiratory chronic issues like asthma and bronchitis, but studies have shown that the corticosteroids can make the overall immune system weaker and increase the risk of an infection or fungi.

This is why today we are going to enlighten you with the mullein. It is a weed found anywhere on the planet and it is really medicinal. It has been used for centuries now, concerning breathing issues, chest colds, weak lungs and so much more. Despite its many health benefits, the mullein also contains saponins, which are organic expectorans.

So, the mullein can remove all the excess mucus from your lungs, thus providing you with a relieved congestion and removing all the bacteria and the viruses. All of these are reasons why the mucus causes a disease.

Furthermore, the mullein is an emollient and this can soothe your throat from cough pains. Regarding all of this, mullein can definitely be the best cure for breathing issues. You can use it as a tea, because it can soften and loosen your phlegm.

For the tea you will need a cup and a half of water, two teaspoons of mullein leaves, a teaspoon of dry spearmint and two teaspoons of honey. Simply boil the water and put the mullein inside with a strainer.

Then add the spearmint and this is when you separate the strainer. Leave it like that for 15 minutes to steep and then add the honey in.

if you are looking for a tea that will treat your colds and your breathing issues, remove your pain as well as congestion, this is the tea for you!