9 Signs indicating your partner no longer loves you

We have a couple of indicators that will lead to heartbreak but sometimes realizing that someone stopped loving you is simpler than it looks.

1. They do not have time for you

Do you get excited because you were planning to go to the movies, go on a trip, or organize a romantic dinner with your partner instead what you get in return is a couple of excuses difficult to understand? Do they prefer to spend their free time with other people, or justify their constant absence with “a lot of work” or “don’t feel like it” and not care about you? All this usually means that you are no longer a priority for your partner and, in fact, they are looking for a way out of the relationship.
There are more signs to find out!

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2. Does not take you into account

Another point that should signal you is that they begin to start organizing their plans without you. If you have noticed that they are always trying to keep some distance between the two of you, they are trying various ways not to share their time, hobbies and feelings with you. As people, we sometimes love, miss, and crave the presence (physical and emotional) of another person in our life and tend to continue with the relationship so don’t make a fool out of yourself any longer. If this is similar to your situation, start thinking if it is worth maintaining such a relationship.

3. Do not like physical contact with you

This is one of the most obvious examples that can exist in this regard. If in the past your partner took every opportunity to touch you, be with you or show affection in a corporal way, and now all of a sudden they don’t, maybe you should start thinking about where your relationship stands. Everyone likes to hug and kiss their significant other, but when feelings disappear, they also go from showing how much they love you to nothing.

You may not think much of the next one!

4. Not interested in “you”

If the two of you used to spend a lot of time talking, exchanging stories, opinions, and points of view, and now you don’t, let’s face the truth. Your partner has changed their attitude towards this part of your relationship, and to them it’s temporary. You can expect the worst to happen if the relationship has come to this point. When you love your life partner, show interest in hearing their stories, problems, etc., it’s a natural thing, and when people stop loving, the opposite happens. Each one begins to live a life of its own, without worrying too much about the other.

5. Does not care about your achievements

Even if you had won a Nobel Prize, climbed Mount Everest or invented the formula of eternal youth, if your better half does not love you anymore, your achievements will not impress them as much as it used to. In fact, it is very likely that their reaction to it, or lack thereof, will surprise you in an unpleasant way. No matter how much you need it, you will not see them being proud of you, nor will they begin to flatter you. It hurts to accept it, but it will be like that if the two of you are strangers now and not a real couple. The next two are very common! Check it out!

6. Does not make references to the future

They can make plans. However, you will never be included in them. When talking to your partner about the issues that have to do with both of you as a couple and they either dodge the problem or hesitate as soon as you ask a question related to it, this relationship is going nowhere. When something as serious as future planning comes into play, both men and women prefer to remain silent. It is not always the case, but if it happens, it could mean they are not ready to tell you or they are no longer interested in the relationship, but it pays to be aware of that. And sometimes it’s best to ask them directly.

7. Do not stop fighting with you

If conversations with your loved one usually do not get anywhere, or quickly turn into arguments, this means that the union of two people is in jeopardy. Although at first all couples behave like two little lovebirds, and think that this state will last forever, in many cases the time comes when they can no longer stand each other and have big fights without a good reason. Sadly, it’s more likely that what was there between the two of you has come to an end.
It will take you a while to realize the next two signs!

8. Does not talk to you

You do not have to be extroverted or be confident to start a conversation, and especially with a person who is important to you. Precisely for this reason, the lack of verbal communication between the couple is often a bad omen of “beginning of the end.” You and your partner should be able to talk about anything under the sun, and still feel like it was perfect. But if your partner communicates only what is necessary, very little and refers to important issues, it is because they no longer feel the same as before.

9. Does not feel like impressing you

It does not matter if they express it through the best clothes, the perfect makeup, their amazing achievements, expensive perfumes or their kindness, and understanding towards others. If today your partner does not try to impress you or care about what you like or not then it might be something to think about. It is often not a problem because it just means they are comfortable around you and knows you don’t need to be impressed for you to love them. But a sudden change in behaviour could be a big sign that indicates they no longer find the need to waste their time on you. Have you experienced any of these signs?