Amazing News- If You Have Diabetes, Heart Issues, Joint Inflammation And Hair Loss Get This Fruit

Tamarind fruit is of Africa and Asia and is used in Indian cuisine and a mix of salt and pepper is fed to it. this has amazing unique flavor and is tasty, and also good for fitness.

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1. Inflammation of connective tissues and joints

This inflammation is common as we age but also tamarind solves this. It removes inflammation and heals connective tissues, removes bacteria and fights infections. Also is good for diet and makes amazing immunity.

2. Better eyesight

This is nutritious and good for eyes or age related macular degeneration.

3. Hair loss

Amazing for hair loss, boil water and add tamarind leaves. Strain this for liquid and apply on scalp. After an hour, rinse.

4. Diabetes

Tamarind is good for diabetes too and make a paste of it to mix with jamun and herbs, this can alter blood sugar

5. Heart

This has minerals and vitamins and potassium for the healthy heart. Fibers regulate cholesterol and fight free radicals so this heals coronary issues in Ayurveda practice. Most people get painkillers but as you see, herbs and natural fruits are even better.

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