Do Not Ignore These Changes on Your Lips: It Could Point to a Serious Condition!

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Like the skin, the lips are a good indicator of the state of your body. Cracked lips are not often the result of the influence of climatic conditions, such as wind or sun, but the incidence of diabetes. As a healthy color lip takes on the pink color, which is found only in slightly pink tones of tan, the Daily Mail.

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Pale lips

This is a sign of narrow capillaries, may be a sign of lack of hemoglobin in the blood, or anemia, but may also indicate problems with chronic lung or heart.

Bright red lips

If, on the contrary, the lips are bright red, indicating dilated capillaries. It can also be a sign, increased heart rate and high blood pressure.

Dark lips

If your lips look as if you have lips on them, whether they are red or brown in color, then it is a sign of problems with the digestive system, and intolerance of certain foods, such as gluten.

The purple color of the lips

Is definitely not want this lip color, as it occurs as a result of disorders of coagulation, and organ failure. Before death, the lips become purple.

The red aura around the lips

This is a condition that is often the result of taking excessive carbonated drinks. In addition, the red aura can occur due to an allergy to toothpaste, cosmetics …

Cracked lips

This can be a sign of onset of diabetes, and this condition is called eczema lips. The skin of the lips contains fewer nodes so they are more prone to dry skin from other parts of the body. Apparently due to wind, dry air, and frequent licking of the lips.

Swelling of the lips

This is another symptom of problems with digestion or allergies to certain food group.

White spots on the lips

These changes are due to fungi, which were more body proliferated in too many after antibiotic treatment.

Thinner lips

Although thinning lips are a normal aging process associated with collagen loss, if your lips suddenly become noticeably thinner, it is possible that this is a problem in the gallbladder.

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