Do you want to know how you are in love? The secret is in your little finger.. Literally!

Although it seems very strange, every detail of our body has its reason for being. Our body is a microcosm in which everything is connected, and it has been proven that there are aspects of our physical appearance that give us clues about our personality and deeper emotions.

It has been discovered that there is a specific physical detail that is closely linked to our way of conceiving and acting on love. Experts claim that the secret of your relationships lies in your little finger. It sounds absurd, does not it? But I promise you that it really is very effective when it comes to knowing a little more about yourself. Observe your little finger carefully and you will discover how you are in love according to the following classification.

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  • If your little finger reaches the first joint: You are expressive, it is easy for you to open up with others and you are able to communicate your feelings without fear. Take advantage of this and always tell your special person how much you love her.
  • If your little finger exceeds the first joint: You have a big heart, you are very kind and you have a lot of ingenuity, but sometimes people do not believe in your good intentions and feelings. Be sure to be honest and consistent so they can believe in you.
  • If your little finger is below the first joint: You have trouble communicating and opening yourself to others. You live all the time inside your head and you keep your feelings. Learn to overcome the fear of being vulnerable and tell what you feel.

Do you identify with the result? Be that as it may, it is important not to keep what we feel. We must learn to express our love.