Don’t Touch the Brown Patch in Your Yard! It Might Be Something You Least Expect

Have you ever saw a brown patch in your yard like the one shown in the video below? It might seem like the grass had died in that area, or like a small pile of sticks, but it’s something totally different.

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Take a closer look at that unusual brown patch in your grass, and you’ll be surprised.

Wildlife experts say it could be a nest of baby rabbits.

Look Out for Baby Rabbits in Your Grass

That’s right. You might have a baby bunny nest right there in your yard.

Be careful when mowing your lawn and pay more attention to any dark area. In case you do notice the brown spot in your grass is a nest of baby rabbits, don’t rush to touch them.

No matter how cute and helpless they might seem, you and your children should stay away from them. The reason is not that they are dangerous, but because their mother is probably nearby.

Even though you might think the mother rabbit is irresponsible for leaving her kids alone, she has actually planned it. Sometimes, the mother rabbit leaves her young alone just to protect them from the predators.

If she’s near them all the time, the predators will easily spot the little bunnies. Not having their mother close, they burrow inside the nest looking for a warmer place. In that way, the little bunnies keep themselves out of sight.

Therefore, Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. says you should leave them where you found them.

But, in case you or your kids have disturbed the nest, put it back together quickly and cover them with the original grass.

Make sure you inform your kids about this to prevent them from disturbing the little rabbits. Also, the mother rabbit might think your kids are potential predators so she might even try to attack them.

Also, don’t forget to check your grass before cutting it!