Home Cures For Wrinkles On The Cleavage And Chest

Wrinkles on the chest or cleavage can make a woman less confident and stop wearing bikinis and open tops. Those lines can sometimes be temporary but sometimes not. There are many cosmetics that help with this, but also remedies that are cheap and natural.

Wrinkles appear on the face first and then the rest of the body. This is normal and a part of aging so you lose collagen with the years. For women, the chest is first attacked.

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But it is possible for those wrinkles to be NOT from aging. If you sleep on the belly side or wear bras that are not your fit, or you sun tan too much.

Here are the best remedies:


Be hydrated all the time and minimize the wrinkles there and elsewhere. Keep all sugary drinks to minimum to avoid inflammation.

Moisture to the bosom

Always put lotion on the chest. Skincare experts say you need lotions with vitamin E, and avoid those with nice smells and chemicals.

Massage the coconut in the skin

For years now women have massaged coconut for fine lines. Regularly, this in circle movements can be warmed up on the skin and smoothen the skin out. Use also olive oil.


When you go outdoors, keep skin safe with sunscreen. Sun is the worst skin enemy for aging and fine lines. Before you go out, put sunscreen of SPF 15 minimum on every undressed skin part.

Vitamin C foods

They make immunity boosted and vitamin C also helps in removing lines. This is needed for collagen like citrus fruits, kiwi, leafy greens and such.

Apply cucumber juice

Use food processor to chop the cucumber and use the juice on the chest. The vitamin C will make more collagen in the skin and also you can try tomato juice for the same nutrient. This will remove wrinkles before bedtime.

Sleep on the back

Train to sleep on the back rather than belly or side. With so many hours on that side you will keep the skin from folding and rolling or even use elastic bandage when you sleep.

Source: www.healthybuilderz.com