If Your Heel Hurts When You Wake Up or Standing for a While, This is Happening to Your Body

The calcaneal spur is a pathology that affects the heel, right in the tendon area. This pathology generates a lot of pain in this part of the heel, preventing many of our daily activities from being carried out.

This malady is usually caused by taking inappropriate positions for a long time, or wearing inappropriate footwear. It is also often triggered when we overload our feet with a lot of weight.

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One of the factors that most influence in this disease, are shoes with high heels. Although they make women look very good, they cause them irreversible damage. Usually, the pain is usually more intense in the mornings. When we perform daily activities, we feel as if we are stepping on nails. Obviously, this is a feeling that nobody would want to have to deal with.

Surgical intervention is often very rare. To combat this evil, mostly orthopedic insoles are used. Also useful are silicone heels and stimulating massages to relieve pain. In the worst case, certain medicines can be used to relieve pain.

However, we also have very good natural remedies to deal with this evil. These are highly effective and do not compromise our health with chemical compounds. Best of all is that they are very cheap and accessible to all people. Next, we tell you what they are and how to use them.

Coconut oil

This oil is very good to soften the skin and relieve the pain of our heel. It is advisable to warm it slightly before applying it to the sore area. That way, it can penetrate the skin and relieve pain. In addition to that, it is recommended to take coconut capsules to reduce inflammation and pain from the inside.

Apple cider vinegar

This product has the peculiarity of attracting excessive calcium, reducing inflammation and pain. To take advantage of this property, just moisten a piece of cotton with it and fix it on the heel with a date. Let it act all night and the pain will disappear. This process should be repeated every night for 1 week.

Bag of ice

This is an old but reliable method that has been used for generations. Ice is recommended for any injury, as it reduces inflammation and pain. Applying it is as simple as putting it in a bag and rubbing it in the heel for 15 or 20 minutes. Before applying it, cover your foot with something and do not put it directly on it.

Sodium bicarbonate

The bicarbonate is also very good for combating the spurs in the heels. This removes the excessive accumulation of calcium that later causes the pain. For this, it is necessary to prepare a paste based on bicarbonate and water. The same we will apply with a gauze in the heel and we will sell it with this gauze. This process should be done twice a week.

With these simple tricks of natural remedies, you can forget the spurs on the heels. We assure you that if you put them into practice, your pain will disappear almost immediately. So you no longer have excuses to continue suffering.