No more Issues with Pressure, Cholesterol and Clogged Arteries

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The increased LDL bad cholesterol is most common these days and affects anyone regardless age. This LDL is the main cause of heart problems and this leads to attacks.

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How to address this

This cholesterol is due to smoking, bad diet, no workouts, large waist numbers, obesity, hypothyroidism and diabetes. This can be controlled with little effort and willpower. Sometimes it cannot be helped like from genes, so if you have a family history of this issues , you might have the same problems in the future. Since many people have this issue, you can at least read for this natural cure and clean arteries, regulate pressure and more. Easy to make, healthy items in it and advised by medical experts.

You need:

  • 1 kg lemons
  • A bag baking soda
  • 6 bunches parsley
  • 12 cups water


Wah the lemons and use cold water. In a big pot, put the water to heat up. Then add the lemons and soda for cooking 60 min. chop parsley and add it too. This simmers with low heat for 3 hours tops. Put it in glass jar then and refrigerate.

Have 4 spoons of this before breakfast. Also, repeat this for 3 weeks daily and check cholesterol to be amazed.

Lemon health benefits

Lemons have potassium for pressure control. Also they cure nausea. Lemon juice is diuretic too and stops water retention as it flushes toxins. Also arthritis is cured and inflammation removed. Also free radicals are removed for early aging damage. Throat infections are cured too and bacteria is removed.

Parsley health benefits

Parsley has vitamin C, B12, A, K. also boosts immunity, makes bones stronger and nervous system too. Also removes excess fluids, makes kidney health too. Skip this if you have gallbladder and kidney problems since it has oxalates. It prevents cancer, pressure and heart problems.

It also has folic acid for fighting pressure and it removes inflammation, joint pain, stiffness in muscles and digestion is boosted.

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