4 Tricks For Reducing High Pressure Naturally

What makes hypertension? Sadly, this is complex and has many reasons.

This is made by age, stress, weight, sedentary life, bad diet, smoking, toxins, thyroid issues, genes and more. Those that have this have many mixed factors and is hard to pin one cause. The key to have in mind is that pressure is a silent killer and can progress with no signs.

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You have to do pressure tests once in a while. Pressure is how we measure the blood force exerted in blood vessels. Healthy pressure is 120 systolic and 80 diastolic. The first is a heart beat and the second is pressure at resting heart.

Since many causes affect this, there is a chance of many illnesses if this is untreated. Pressure increases resistance to blood flow in vessels, makes the heart work fast, makes heart failure, stroke and more. Also hardened arteries and this becomes a vicious cycle.

Also pressure is linked to all heart issues, kidney disease, aneurysm, dementia, sexual problems, and more.

To control this, we have to look close in the diet, life habits and all factors. A health powder can resolve many issues. Every diet change can have an impact, but even small changes are good. If we reduce pressure by even 6 points, we cut this risk of stroke by whole 40% and heart problems by 15%.


There are many good meds for pressure like beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and diuretics too. Sadly, they make side effects. Depending on the meds, patients can get insomnia, leg cramps, depression, fatigue, breathing problems, dizziness, headaches, fast pulse.

Hypertension is making profit from drugs since this is a common problem. Once you gte on these drugs, you are in for the long term use.

Drugs are not the only cure, they are the worst. In many ways you can control this, and you have to remember if you already take meds, do not stop them suddenly without doctor approval. Habits and diet changes can be done without a doctor.

The start is lifestyle

If you want to control this, address weight first. Overweight means health problems and pressure is one of them. Try daily activity of at least 30 min, brisk walk and anti-inflammation foods like good fats, fruits, veggies, lean protein.

Also reduce salt intake. Salt makes us retain water and increase blood volume to stress the vessels. Limit salt to 1500 mg daily. Reduce snacks, chips, salted nuts, crackers. Get mineral salt Celtic or Himalayan, and avoid table salt.

Avoid smoking and alcohol too. They stress the heart and make inflammation, hardened arteries and hypertension.

Control stress

We respond to danger in many ways. One is fast pulse to make more blood flow and pressure for fight or flight. Highway accidents or such things make this situation. The problem is chronic stress and anxiety too. Cortisol and stress hormones are elevated, make inflammation and damage health. thus we get pressure and heart issues and other things too.

Bet way to reduce this is meditation.

Studies said with practice, this lowers pressure and improves heart, removes inflammation and gives health.

Yoga, qigong, t’ai chi are all curing stress, make immunity, try walks in nature, stand up once in a while and walk.

Food plays a role too

The best way to address this is diet. There is even a special diet for lowering pressure, Dietary approaches to stop hypertension DASH.

They advise to take veggies, fruits, whole grains, potassium foods, leafy greens, bananas, kale, spinach.

Also, reduce trans fats, fried food, processed food, salt. Avoid sugar too to avoid inflammation, stop artery hardening, heart damage and such.

Blood pressure supplements

Some lower the pressure and keep the heart healthy.

  1. Garlic- long known for the heart benefits, get the extract online or in health stores.
  2. Magnesium- manages irregular heart pulse and pressure
  3. Hibiscus- used for many problems and pressure too
  4. Omega 3- these fat acids lower pressure and triglycerides too. Get cold water fish, salmon, sardine, flax seed, chia, walnuts.
  5. CQ10- a deficit in COQ10 makes hypertension
Galectin-3 role

Another good supplement is the modified citrus pectin MCP, item of the citrus. This binds to inflammation protein galectin-3 linked to heart problems. Back in 2011, FDA approved this for heart issues.

It stops inflammation and excess of this makes vascular hardening and vascular fibrosis. As we said, the main cause for hypertension is vessel rigidity from plaque, inflammation and vascular fibrosis. A 2013 study in the journal American heart association said MCP controls galectin-3 and lowers the fibrosis.

More data appears for elevated galectin-3 linking this not to just heart issues but inflammations too. MCP also is known as natural blocker of galectin-3. For more info on MCP, see the book of Karolyn Gazella, A new twist on health – modified citrus pectin for cancer, heart disease and more…

Pressure is a complex problem and has many factors in control. We cannot find the exact cause, but we can make many changes. Be healthier, change the diet and bad habits, get supplements, workouts, remove stress and see better results.