Doing These Workouts in the Morning Help with Reducing the Waistline

A fat belly can lead to heart complications and even cancer in some cases.So by lowering the fat in that area it creates a health benefit and not just one about looks.If you run daily combining that with a balanced diet you may still notice there is some belly fat left.One of the best activities to strengthen the core and remove belly fat is Yoga.It can even help your metabolism.Research claims that yoga can cause a change in some habits such as sleeping and eating through a mood swing.They also carry a degree of influence in determining our weight.

Doing Yoga is something,but its not going to make an immediate change in the size of your stomach.Fat is something easy to get but hard to get rid of.

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A good diet and working out a couple of times a week is a start.

Five Yoga stretches for slimming the waist

These are among the best Yoga exercises for getting a smaller waistline.

1. Bow Pose

This pose helps strengthen the stomach and improves digestion.Lay down on your stomach  stretch your legs with arms close to the sides of your body.When you go up take a breath and bend the head back.Then keep breathing.After you exhale reset from the first step.Doing this exercise 5 times with a 15 second rest interval can is best.

2. Board Pose

Strengthen your shouldres,arms,stomach,butt and thighs.Knees and hands under the shoulders.Retreat your toes while also stretching your legs.Breathe deep and keep your palms,neck and back aligned.Hold your core tight in a straight line.Arms must be flat on the floor and fingers spread.Keep this pose for 20 seconds and repeat it 5 times.Exhale and fall on your knees .Doing this exercise for 5 reps with 15 second rest intervals is best.

3. Cobra

This one strengthens the core and removes fat from your waist,while also training your upper body.Lay down on your stomach and extend your legs.Keep shoulders above your palms.Touch the floor with both ends.Lift your chest as you are breathing.Hold the pose for 30 seconds and the exhale.Doing this exercise 5 times with 15 seconds intervals is best.

4. Stand Forward Bend

This will press your stomach forcing you to bend over.Hands placed on their sides of the body with the heels touching. Straighten the back,take a big breath and lift the arm.Exhale and bend forward to the ground.Bend more as you are breathing in and out.Try to touch the floor with your palms keeping them as straight as possible,as well as touching the ankles and toes.Hold your breath and suck your stomach in and keep that position for about 60 seconds.Exhale out and start standing up.Doing this exercise 10 times with 10 second rest intervals is best.

5. Mountain Pose

This exercise helps with posture and the core.Stand on your feet straight,spread your heels and touch your toes.Straighten your back while also placing your arms on each side of your body.Extend your arms and close your palms.With a big breath stretch your back.Extend the hand up and above your head.Stand on your toes.Look up with your eyes.Breath regularly and the exhale.Relax your legs.Doing this exercise 10 times with 10 second rest intervals is best.