WARNING: This New Deadly Disease is Transmitted By Dogs, Be Very Careful!

Thanks to the technological advancement in the last century, we are able to see and understand more of the world that surrounds. We now know that there’s more to it under the surface and advances in the medical field have allowed us to recognize numerous new diseases that we were previously unaware of. Such is the case of canine leishmaniasis which is transmitted by dogs, ticks and mosquitoes and can have fatal consequences on your health!

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Canine leishmaniasis is a zoonotic disease transmitted through the bite of an infected fly, dog or tick. It was first discovered in Europe at the start of the 20th century and has since spread around the world. The disease is highly dangerous and causes difficulty breathing, bleeding from the nose and trouble swallowing as well as open wounds on the surface of the skin.

The main transmitter of the disease is the sandfly and it is mostly spread among dogs in poor countries. The symptoms of the disease are alopecia, skin lesions, dermatitis, swollen lymphnodes, nose bleeds, ocular problems, kidney failure and progressive loss of weight and reduced appetite.

If caught on time, the symptoms of canine leishmaniasiscan be managed. The usual treatment involves pentavalent antimonials such as sodium stibogluconate, ketoconazole or amphotericin, either through injections or oral administration. However, there is currently no cure for the disease and the treatment can only improve the symptoms. Up until now, there have been no documented cases of leishmaniasis transmission from dogs to humans.

In order to protect your pet from the infection, you can put a deltamethrin collar on them and keep your dogs inside as sandflies are mostly active at dusk and dawn. In 2003, a vaccine in Brazil was proven to be 86% effective against the infection, but no further progress on it has been made as it caused side-effects such as swelling and anorexia.



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