Your Pee Can Say a Lot About Your Overall Health

Believe it or not, but if you count the times you pee it just might help you discover how healthy you are. Many are not aware, but peeing is important, the process itself plays a huge role when it comes to our health.

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You can count the times you need to pee and find out just how hydrated you are.

The assistant professor of urology, Dr. Neil Grafstein at The Hospital of Mount Sinai NYC made his statement regarding this topic and gave an answer to many questions we need to know.

How Often Should a Person Pee?

There cannot be an exact number of how many times should a person pee, because the circumstances play a role here. For every individual it is different.

On average people urinate at least 4 times on a daily basis and the maximum of average urinating is 7 times on a daily basis.

There is no need to panic, in case you are someone that urinates more than 7 times on a daily basis.

Many factors can actually influence on the urination frequency, such as hydration and how you do that.

To be more accurate, the more water you drink, the more times you are going to visit the bathroom.

And in fact, you maybe did not know this, but actually, coffee and alcohol are considered to be bladder irritants. That means that if you drink coffee and alcohol, you will go to the bathroom more than usual.

If you have sensitive bladders, you already know that even at the slightest urge you will need to pee.

And if you are one of those that hold it until they are going to burst, that is not good. You need to go as soon as you feel that you need to.

How Many Times Is Too Many?

Well, if on a daily basis you go to the bathroom 11 times or more after consuming 2 liters of fluid that mean that there might be a problem with the pee frequency.

There are cases in which the too frequent peeing occurs , because of an overactive bladder. The overactive bladder might be contracting more than usual and more than the necessary amount.

The result from that is the urge to pee more frequently. However, Dr.Grafstein says that we can actually train the bladder.

11 Facts About Urine

1. You can avoid disrupting your sleep by the urge to pee just by not drinking fluids before you go to sleep.

2. Holding the pee is not that serious unless you start to feel pain. That can damage the kidneys.

3. As you age, you will pee more.

4. If you have a habit of holding the pee, you need to stop it right away. That habit increases the risk of bladder infections.

5. As you grow older, your urine stream will become weaker.

6. See-through yellow is the proper color of pee, and that is what it should look like.

7. The regular stream of pee is around 7 seconds.

8. Some foods can change the color of the pee. For example, eating blackberries can result with pink pee.

9. In case your urine has a sweet smell, that might be a sign of diabetes.

10. Eating asparagus may lead to foul-smelling pee.

11. Your pee is 95 percent water.

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Knowing these facts can be very useful. Start counting and you will find out more about your health.