7 Unexpected Lip Balm Uses You Weren’t Aware of!

Lip balm is one of the items present in every woman’s handbag. The product protects the lips from harsh weather conditions, but it seems that it has many more uses almost no one is aware about. Here are the 7 unexpected lip balm uses you never knew about:

Helps prevent blisters on the feet

Those new shoes are surely great, but there’s only one problem – wearing them can cause painful blisters on your feet after just a couple of days. However, there’s a simple fix – apply some lip balm on the critical areas to reduce the friction and the risk of blisters as well.

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Prolongs the scent of perfume

Apply some lip balm on the spots where you apply perfume to prolong and intensify the smell.

Shape your eyebrows

Apply some lip balm on your eyebrows to shape them and accelerate their growth.

Can help you get a ring off

If your ring is stuck on your finger, apply some lip balm on the area and then try to get it off.

Eliminates leather scratches and keeps the leather shiny

Rub some lip balm on the scratches on your shoes or jacket to reduce their appearance and recover the leather’s shine.

Reduces the irritation on your nose during a cold

You know how your nose gets irritated and itchy from the constant wiping during a cold? There’s a simple thing that can help – apply a bit of lip balm on the irritated areas to hydrate the skin and help it regenerate faster.

Treats minor injuries and bug bites

Rub lip balm on minor cuts and bug bites to reduce the irritation and itching and help the cells regenerate.