A Man Used Coconut Twice Per Day For 2 Months And His Brain Changed a Lot

Alzheimer’s is hardly cures. But you have to know some things for this to help even other people to have better memory and health. Dr. Mary T. Newport shared her story here. She is a doctor and saw her husband got the disease back in the 50s.

Steve her husband had 5 years of dementia and with MRI he got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. , so this was his bad shape.

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He even got confused with fridge, cutlery, handles or similar. He always said no, regardless the question. After 3 days he recalled some things like delivered messages, too late

The parental and frontal lobes In Steve, amygdala and hippopotamus were atrophied and damaged. He no more had short term memory, instead he remembered them days later. His wife wanted to change the diet. Steve tried the meds but no results were see. He gained weight, had tremors, less mobile and the wife started taking control.

A medicine named Ketasyn AC-1202 said this can stop Alzheimer’s in the first 3 months. The active item MCT or medium chain trilycerides. This was it.

She gave Steve 2 tbsp of the remedy 2 times daily. After 2 months he got alert, happy and spoke more. Tremors stopped and after a year he recognized faces and spoke to his family.he even walked near the block and nature! He still had more improvement to follow.

How can this food item affect this illness?

Brain needs nutrients and 60% of glucose is ingested.

The brain that is sick, does not get all nutrient and has hypometabolism or decline in thinking and memory.

Ketones re byproducts of broken down fats and act like energy replacement in brain. They fresh up nerves and neurons after some damage.

Here, the neurons cannot take glucose at some areas and insulin resistance appears. If the cells touch ketones, they would die.

Ketones show after we starve, but MCTs get oxygen with the liver and make more ketones. 97% of fats are long chain fats and have 14-18 carbons.

Coconut oil is amazing for Parkinson’s too, drug resistant epilepsy, sclerosis, diabetes and Huntington’s.

Some more evidence here

A 2004 study of neurology of aging said this oil makes better cognition in adults. Study had 20 people with Alzheimer’s and the placebos were given something else. After 90 min coconut release more beta carotene beta-OHB so coconut people have more beta-hydroxybutrate, the strongest ketone.

Everyone fasted before the blood check before and after coconut treating. After120 min the dose reached 40 ml.

Mercola said Dr. Perlmutter David, neurologist feels that avoiding fat, eating many carbs are the basis for Alzheimer’s .both agree that fasting can be done with an oil for metabolic issues for the glycogen liver store. This means you will burn fat and lose weight healthy. The brain gets better too. When ketones are too much, blood becomes acidic and you enter ketoacidosis which is fatal. Avoid sugars, gluten  and such items.