Clean The Arteries With These Foods Every Day

For sure, the cardio issues rise by the day. One risk cause is clogged artery. Unhealthy arteries have less oxygen than needed and less nutrients to the heart. Cholesterol and fat build up and make arteries hard and narrow. This makes atherosclerosis and less blood flow in arteries.

The good part is that you can cleanse them with healthy diet and habits. These are the best foods:

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1. Garlic

It has antioxidants that fight free radicals and stop clogging. Even 1 clove per day before eating is amazing.

2. Pomegranate

Also has antioxidants and stops fats to deposit. They also make nitric oxide to keep clean arteries and good blood flow. 1-2 per day or drinking the juice can reduce plaque.

3. Green tea

Like the previous two, this also has antioxidants. 2-3 cups daily reduce clogging.

4. Spinach

This veggie has nitric oxide and arteries can resist contractions, plaque, and coagulation. This makes less risk of attack and stroke. Eat ½ cup at least of this daily.

5. Avocado

They have fat, but good fat for good cholesterol and lowering bad one. High HDL unclogs arteries. Also this fruit has vitamin E for no oxidation. Eat ½ avocado daily or spread it on bread as butter.

With these foods, also stop smoking and drinking. But, red wine has antioxidants and resveratrol and is good for the heart, IN MODERATION. Women can have a glass per day and men can have two.