Give Your Palm A Look: Is There A Star, A Triangle, Or A Diamond? What Does It Mean?

We all have different forms on the inner side of our palms. In some cases, these are correct geometric forms, but more often they only resemble such. What we don’t know is that each of these shapes has a specific meaning – there is Vedic interpretation of palm shapes and lines that can explain pretty accurately how people’s personality is, in particular when those are clearly drawn stars, triangles, and diamonds.

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Stars on the palm are usually small, placed somewhere along the striking line (below the index finger), and uniting several smaller lines that intersect themselves in a star shape. If you have a star on your palm, it means you are a confident and powerful person, with notable mental capability and interest towards philosophy, history, and religion.


Triangles usually belong to gifted and creative people, and in case they have several ones (be those small or large), they’re pretty likely to achieve great success, and be famous and recognized in their society. They are also dreamy, independent, and friendly.


All diamonds, deltoids, or diamond-shaped creations on your palm indicate that you are an adventurous person. You are constantly looking for challenges, expressing unusual interest in things other people find intimidating, and are well known for being courageous and curios for answers. Many famous explorers such as Marco Polo and Columbus had a diamond on their palm, and it is up to you to decide whether this had something to do with their great discoveries.