In this article, we will discuss the 4 most frequently met types of bodies, and help you determine the exercises that are most suitable for each of them. Read on, and give your body a detailed look. Find the ideal set of exercises, and start losing weight today!
Bodies in the shape of a pear

Pear-shaped bodies are considered to be very handsome when maintained properly (think of Alicia Keys, J Lo, or Jennifer Love Hewitt). Basically, these bodies are preconditioned to look nice, as the upper part is thinner than the lower one, and the waist is naturally small.

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People with similar bodies often suffer weight and fat accumulation issues in the central part (thighs and hips) and need to exercise to preserve their good looks. They are also recommended to do exercises for their shoulders and arms, walk, run, or cycle on daily basis. 45 minutes of exercise per day should suffice, assuming you’re taking the routine seriously and training at least 5 times a week. Finally, avoid activities that exhaust your hips, ankles, or knees, and don’t exaggerate with lifting weight. For your body type, sudden loss of weight is not the best scenario.

Rectangular bodies

While it certainly sounds strange to have a body shaped like a rectangle, people lucky to have it are considered extremely good looking (think of Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, for instance).  Unless gifted like these ladies, girls with similar body shapes may experience the problem of missing feminine curves, which some of them consider to be a blessing as it allows them to wear whatever they like. The best proportions in the case are to have equally wide hipline and waist as are your bust and shoulders.

People in this category should really be careful with gaining weight, because such is directly disposed in their abdominal area, and turns into fat that is very difficult to remove. Thereof, they should work on getting rid of fatty deposits and tightening their stomach muscles, even if that means doing simple squats and climbing stairs. Cycling is also recommended.

Athletic bodies

It is easy to recognize a woman with an athletic shape, as she will have the shoulders much wider than the hips. As an example, we have Jessica Biel, who herself often jokes about not being able to find a matching pair of swimming pieces, as one always fits while the other doesn’t.

Just as in the previous case, these ladies should pay attention to shaping their stomach muscles, buttocks and tights, but they shouldn’t worry too much because their metabolism is good enough to burn fat in time. You can also try easier exercises, or simply preserve the good shape by walking every day.

The ideal body shape: Hourglass

What this means is that the lady has the waist very tiny and the shoulders proportional to the hips, and we can all agree it looks amazing. The best celebrity examples are Beyonce, Halle Berry, and Scarlett Johansson, who nevertheless exercise a lot to look the way they do.

Why do these bodies look so perfect? To start with, their weight is distributed proportionally and evenly, and all they have to do is to tighten their arms and thighs, and to stop fat from going there.  Experts recommend these ladies to do more cardio, or subscribe for sports such as swimming, zumba, and professional cycling. They should also work a bit on the upper back in order to add muscle mass, and make their bodies look even nicer.