Lemon Аnd Coconut Can Make Grey Hair, Dark Again

The grey hairs are disliked by women since they make them look older, they think? So they try anything for covering this with dyes and chemicals. But side effects are present here in this case.

Early greying of hair is triggered from health issues like imbalanced hormones, pollution, smoking, stress, bad hair products, colds, sinusitis, thyroid issues. Also deficit in melanin.

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Coconut and lemon

You need:

  • 3 tsp lemon juice, fresh
  • Organic coconut oil


Mix them and stir. Apply on the hair, massage and after 60 min wash with mild shampoos. Do it weekly.

Why is it good?

The two items are multi used and healthy. Coconut kills bacteria, has lauric acid, medium chain fats all great for hairs. Scalp will be nourished, hair will grow faster, damaged hair repaired, and grey will be dark!

Also you will not have dandruff.

The lemon stops early greying and has vitamin B, C, phosphorus and nourishes hair.