Never Wear it Again! It Can Kill you!

Lot of girls very often wear extra handy hair tie on their wrist. Maybe you even never notice that you are wearing it! That seems so innocent and harmless. But not quite so w we will tell you the story about Audree Kopp, girl from Philadelphia.

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One morning when she woke up she noticed some large bump foaming on her wrist. She was sure that it was spider bite and started treating it like that. But rather than to be cure it became worse and bigger.

Never Wear it Again

Never Wear it Again

Then she figured about that it wasn’t spider bite after all! She decided to go to the doctor. Then her doctor look at this bump closer, and give her antibiotic treatment. But after the treatment the bump looks worse and it wasn’t healed.

Her bump didn’t reacted to the antibiotic therapy. The last new type of antibiotic was discovered in the 80’s of last century, but in the meantime have an increasing number of strains of bacteria resistant to multiple antibiotics. According to experts in the US can be expected to increase the number of cases of bacteria resistant to all antibiotics.

Finally she was sent to the ER where the doctors decided that she must go to the surgery. After short time of medical examinations they found out that it was from her hair tie that she was wearing around her wrist. It cause bacteria, because was seeped through her pores creates infection to.

With her story Audree Kopp wants to warn all women that wear hair tie on their wrist to stop doing it! She got three bacteria on her arm and that strep, staph and poly negative.

Her glitter tie caused this problem. Her healing process was long and hard but now she feels good. But she had lucky that the doctor figure out and caught infection before been spread out in her whole body.