Smokers Should Know This! These Foods Can Cleanse The Nicotine In Your Body


We all know that smoking is one of the worst habits we can have. It destroys our lungs and our overall health. Nicotine can lead to numerous disease and disorders. It affects our metabolic functions, our thyroid gland functions, our adrenal and sex hormones. It is absorbed in our skin, lungs, mouth and mucus.

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Here we are going to give you a list of foods you should consume to remove the nicotine from your body:


You should drink 12 glasses of water every day to rehydrate your body and clean the nicotine.

Carrot juice

It is rich in vitamins A, B, C and K. This juice cleanses the body and softens the skin.


Broccoli contains high amount of vitamin B5 and C which are essential for our lungs.

Dry herbs

They are packed with vitamin E and A.

Kiwi fruit

Every smoker needs to consume kiwi because they are rich in vitamin C, A and E.


It is proven that pomegranates boosts our blood flow and improves our blood count.


These leaves are rich in folic acid and vitamins. After consuming them you won’t be able to stand the taste of tobacco.