Support The Function Of Your Liver And Kidney By Simply Pressing Four Common Acupuncture Points

Many people still doubt the healing power of acupressure and acupuncture, but evidence and studies make it more than clear that the practice relives several difficult ailments. What is not that clear is how the ‘mystery’ works, but since there is no risk to worry about, you can always try it.

To start with, acupuncture points help to expel the toxin overload out of the body, regardless of how healthy your diet is. It tackles even those imported from the polluted environment, by simply cleansing the organism and protecting the digestive process from harmful and problematic debris.

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Often, we are depressed or feel fatigue, and see no way to lose weight. This has a lot to do with toxins, especially for people who have no time to exercise, and have not yet considered a detox juice to clean their bodies. What is really special about acupuncture is that it has the very same effect as anti-toxin products do, but won’t require or expect people to change their diets and lifestyle, at least not if they don’t want to.

If you’re interested in this natural remedy, read on and familiarize with the main acupuncture points that will flush your kidneys and liver.

How to prepare for acupuncture detox?

Your body must be prepared in advance. Breathe deeply, calm down, and find a comfortable place to stand with your arms up over the head. Stretch backwards as much as you can, and then lower your arms towards the floor while exhaling. This way, oxygen will flow easily in your blood, and detoxification will be way easier.

These are the exercises:

Upper sea of QI










You will find the first point looking for the centre of the breastbone, as it is positioned right below it. Put some extra pressure on this spot to clear the congestion from your chest, and QI will flow freely in the lungs. Your immune system will also improve thanks to it, as where there are no toxins, there is nothing to worry about.

Lower sea of QI









Three finger widths below your belly button, you will find the lower sea of QI. Pressure and stimulate the point to improve digestion, and get rid of fatigue. Ideally, combine this practice with some active exercises.

Inner gates









Inner gates are among the most popular acupuncture points. You can find them approximately three finger widths over the wrist (on the inner side), and you should apply pressure on both hands for the practice to improve digestion, reduce chest congestion, and accelerate blood circulation.

Liver medians









The liver medians are to be found in the feet, and certainly have a huge role in detoxifying the liver and the kidneys. Use the index finger to locate the webbing placed closed to the big toe (the point should be right between the big toe and the toe next to it). Apply pressure for a minute-two, and you will give the body a hand to filter and nourish, and connect blood circulation to the proper functioning of the liver.

Despite of not being the first practice your doctor would recommend, acupuncture has been used for centuries to defeat all types of aliments, and to promote both liver and kidney detoxification. The doctor may not mention it, but if you ask him he will certainly be on board with you using the practice to defeat stomach discomfort, pain, headache, and similar problems.

Remember – toxins are the main reason for you feeling fatigue or lacking energy, so start working on this problem right away!