The Best Cures For Canker Sores – All Natural

We all have had canker sores sometimes and this bothers us to talk and eat. There is not enough info on the reason for their cause, but this is a raw patch in the inside of mouth and it gets inflamed, as the middle gets yellow whitish and tender. Can you treat this and how?

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1. Chamomile tea bag

This plant is in the family of daisies and makes us relaxed, improves sleep and digestion too. It can cure inflammation and remove bacteria since it is antiseptic. Soak a tea bag in water, then use the bag on the canker sore. After 10 min remove this and do it twice in a day.

2. Aloe 

The bets plant for skin issues and canker sores too. It soothes pain and speeds healing. Clean the area with cotton swab, cut an aloe leaf, get the gel and with a clean spoon scoop it. apply on the sore all day long.

3. Coconut oil

This oil kills microbes and inflammation and is tasty too. Dab a bit oil on the canker with cotton swab and apply a bit more to stay longer.

4. Sage

Removes inflammation, viruses, bacteria. Add 2 tsp dry sage in a cup of boiling water and this should steep 10 min. let this cool, and then use it as mouth wash 3 times daily.

5. Honey rub

For cankers, get honey. Honey kills inflammation and bacteria, speeds healing so gargle with warm water and honey 3 times daily and apply honey before bed.