Top 10 Root Vegetables You Should Eat More Often

The root vegetables are consumed around the world as the healthiest food because of their high amount of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium fiber and etc. They help us improve our health and reduce the risk of a whole host of debilitating conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, brain disease and diabetes.

Here is a list of top 10 root vegetables:

1. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is rich in vitamin C, Vitamin B5, potassium and fiber. They have a low glycemic index and are really useful for stabilizing blood sugar levels. Sweet potatoes reduce stress, improve our cardiovascular functions, boost our immune system and prevent diabetes.

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2. Carrots

Everyone loves carrots. They are very delicious and healthy vegetables. We should consume them to improve our vision, slow down the ageing process, promote skin health and prevent cancer.

3. Beets

Beets contain phytonutrients called betalains. They have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification support.

Consuming beets will help you lower you blood pressure, boost your stamina, fight inflammations and infections, and prevent cancer.

4. Radishes

Radishes can be white, red or black. They are eaten raw, cooked or pickled. It is proven that they have numerous benefits for our body and some of them are: treat urinary disorders, help us lose weight, treat constipation, relive cardiovascular conditions, regulate blood pressure, treat skin issues, relive respiratory disorders, improves our liver function and prevents diabetes.

5. Cucumber

It is confirmed that cucumber is full with nutrients important for our health and beauty. It can help people fight different diseases including cancer. This vegetable is good for eliminating the toxins and hydrate our body. It is very beneficial for our skin, hair and nails.

6. Garlic

We all know that garlic is a natural remedy and we use it to treat various ailments. We can consume it cooked or fresh and it will boost our immune system and our wellness. The most of the health effects are caused by its compound known as allicin. Allicin enters the body from the digestive tract and travels all over the body where it exerts its potent biological effects.

Benefits of garlic: fights cancer, improves libido, improves cholesterol, controls asthma, clears acne, fights colds, stops diarrhea, fights infections, control blood pressure and stops the effects of atherosclerosis.

7. Onion

Onion is one of the healthiest vegetable in the world. We can use it in cooking and for medical purposes.

It is confirmed that onion has a numerous health benefits and is very efficient in preventing and treating a different diseases. It helps us treat inflammations, treat sunburns, improve our heart function, reduces our fiver, prevents cancer and detox our body.

8. Fennel

Regular consummation of fennel help us relief anemia, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, respiratory disorders, menstrual disorders and eye issues. It improves our brain functions, boosts our immune system and reduce the risk of breast and lung cancer.

9. Cassava

You might be wondering what cassava is before you think to ask what it might be good for. Cassava finds its use throughout the world because of its amazing health benefits. It provides energy for our body, protects and repairs body tissue, build strong bones, reduces cholesterol levels, lowers blood levels sugar, improves metabolism and prevents cancer.

10. Turnips

Turnips have a numerous essential nutrients which our body needs for proper function including high levels of potassium and fiber.

This vegetable boosts our circulation, improves digestion, strengthens our immune system, and stimulates the metabolism.