Use This Simple Trick to Avoid Becoming a Victim of aTick…

There is only one bad thing in hot summer days — disgusting insects that crave our blood. Ticks are one of the most dangerous insects.

If you like outdoor activities and spend a lot of time outdoors, or over the weekend you go on trips or on family picnics, you will probably encounter these horrible creatures.

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To avoid the thoughts about the dangers of tick bites, we provided you with a trick with which you can easily prevent this problem.

An effective trick against ticks

All you need is an ordinary roll for cleaning clothes and essential oil. Take the roll and apply the oil evenly in a thin layer. Before you go for a walk in the park or in nature, rub the roll on your clothes several  times.

The most effective oils that control ticks attacks


ADEQUATE essential oils against ticks

Lemon oil

This oil is considered to be particularly effective against ticks, fleas and even lice.

Mentha oil

This base oil is toxic to insects and is an excellent natural means of defense against insects.

Lavender oil

The most amazing thing is that people love the smell of lavender, while the ticks cannot stand it. Moreover, this also applies for mosquitoes and lice.

Chinese magnolia oil

It has a mild citrus aroma and it is a natural remedy against ticks and fleas.

In this method, in addition to protecting you against ticks, you will receive another nice bonus – it will also protect you against mosquitoes and flies. Due to the fact that you apply the essential oil to your clothes with a roll, you will receive a gentle and unobtrusive scent.

Some people also mix essential oils with water and apply them to the body in form of a spray. However, when the skin comes in contact with oil, it may cause skin irritation.