An ode to the husband who’s watching the game

The Game

She stood and she watched
As he plonked by the telly
A beer in one hand
Bowl of chips on his belly

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She looked out the window
Then said: “It’s a shame
We’re both stuck inside
With you watching – The Game.

We could go see a movie,
Or go to a talk
Or visit some friends
Or take a long walk.”

He growled and he grumbled
Then snapped, with a grin:
“It’s the Grand Final
I have to stay in!”

So she cooked and she cleaned
Found craft stuff to do
(And occasionally watched
A bit of it too)

Then, just as she found
A few things to mend
It looked like The Game
Had come to an end

She had waited with patience
For such a long while.
She looked at him fondly
And said, (with a smile):

“I’m glad you enjoyed it
It’s great there’s a winner
Now turn off the telly
And come – let’s have dinner!”

Is watching the game a big deal in your household?