Attention men! A study says this makes you more manly

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When it comes to what we find attractive in the opposite sex we’re sure to have a few differences of opinion.

As much as we don’t like to think it, appearances do matter. Often our appearance can make people think they know some of our personality too.

But a study in the United States about men and their hair finally proves one thing many who are lacking in that department have said all along – bald men are more confident and more masculine.

There’s plenty of bald men who fit the bill. Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson for starters.  Sean Connery now embraces his baldness, despite covering it up for years, as did Andre Agassi. There’s a few that would possibly look better with a decent haircut or complete shave too, without mentioning names.

There were three different parts to the study titled Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance, published Social Psychological and Personality Science by Sage Journals.  To complete the study people rated photographs of men with different hair styles. In the first study it was found shaved heads were more dominant than those with a full head of hair. In the second images of men with digitally removed hair were thought to look more dominant, taller and stronger than the same image of them with their hair. The third study looked at the difference in men who were naturally bald and those who shaved.

Sure, saying a bald man is manly and more dominant may be stereotyping, if you’ve watched any number of action movies, but if you’ve been worried about taking the plunge and taking it all off with a razor, it might help you in the decision.

However, the study did find that taking a razor to your hairline adds about four years, on average, to your looks. It also suggests you are found to be less attractive than those with a full head of hair. On a plus side, it also suggests you are more likely to do better in bargaining situations, and fare better economically in negotiations.

Do you agree with the study? What hair style do you prefer on a man?

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