Brilliant Kitchen Hacks That You Haven’t Heard of

For some of us the kitchen is not our favorite thing, but the food definitely is! Then again, all that cooking and then cleaning up the mess doesn’t sound like much fun.

This is why today we are going to share with you some tricks in order to make it more bearable. Here are some of the best secret kitchen hacks that will make you spending a bit more time in the kitchen, with pleasure.

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Brilliant Kitchen Hacks

Brilliant Kitchen Hacks

  • Baster eggs – if you want to make the perfect basted eggs, break them in a pan like you do when you fry them, but this time, add some water to your pan before putting it on the heat. The eggs will come out perfectly, and with a liquid yolk too.
  • Keep the brown sugar soft – place the borwn sugar in an airtight container along with a slice of orage or an apple to prevent it from hardening.
  • Make the stainless steel shine – wash it with a solution of vinegar and water if you want to make your steel to shine as new.
  • Remove the seeds from veggies – just use an ice cream scooper to do it.
  • Use salt for cast iron pans – scrub them with salt instead of dishwasher soap, this will prevent your pans to rust over time.
  • Stop the microwave dryness – prevent the food from coming out of your microwave dry by putting a cup of water next to the food inside the microwave.
  • Salt for the wooden cutting boards – you can get off smell and residue from your cutting board by rubbing it with coarse salt and letting it sit like that for 10 minutes or so. then just rinse the salt off and wipe down with a lemon.
  • Pit cherries – place a cherry on top of an empty bottle and use a chopstick to push the pit inside the bottle, leaving the cherry pit free.
  • Keep the plastic wrap cold – keep your plastic wrap in your fridge, this way it will evenly stretch out and won’t rip.
  • Parchment paper cupcakes – use the parchment paper instead of cupcake molds or cups.
  • Peel fruit – the peel will slideright off of any fruit if you place it in a microwave 20 seconds before peeling it.
  • Preserve herbs – freeze them in water or olive oil cubes in order to preserve them.
  • Prevent the boil over – place a wooden spoon on the top of your boiling pot in order to prevent the water from boiling out of the pot and making a mess.