Devastating impacts of Hurricane Irma revealed

Millions of people have hits the roads to avoid facing the brunt of Hurricane Irma as it heads towards the Gulf Coast of Florida, but already lives have been lost.

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In the Caribbean there are reports that 25 people were killed, and now with Florida expected to face the brunt, tragically that number may rise.

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If you are wondering what exactly it the cause of all this, footage from NASA astronaut Randy Bresni clearly shows the story.

While many homes have lost power already, there is significant threat of storm surge flooding, that could be up to 12 feet (3.65 metres) of impact above ground level.

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Authorities have ben warning residents to escape, saying nowhere in the Florida Keys will be safe. “This is as real as it gets,” warnings said.

Despite that, media has been reporting on a number of residents determined to ride out the natural disaster. Some of those are showing frightening footage on social media of what is happening in their region.

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While some are still bracing for Irma’s impact residents of the Bahamas are now starting the clean-up and have noticed strange things missing…. including the ocean.

This eerie footage shows exactly what that means.

Richard Branson says’s his team, who all stayed with him on Necker Island, are safe, but had admits he’s never seen anything like it.

More footage shows, this time from a drone, shows the damage of another area in the region already hit by Hurricane Irma.

Have you been through a natural disaster?