Do you remember this sweet 1969 hit performed by The Archies?

Who would have thought that when the first Archie comic books were publish they’d be a hit? And who would have thought the fictional teenagers, lead by Archie Andrews, would also have a hit song… or two.

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The Archies are the fictional garage band, that featured Archie of course, but the rest of the Riverdale gang with Reggie Mantle, Judhead Jones, Veronica Lodge and Betty Vooper

On this day in 1969 The Archies released a single that ended up spending four weeks at number one on the US charts.

That song was called ‘Sugar Sugar’, and it was the top selling song in the US that year. It ended up being the longest running one hit wonder in the UK too, spending eight weeks at the top of the charts there.

And who could forget those lyrics?

Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you got me wanting you

The song was one of 16 that were created to feature on The Archie Comedy Hour on CBS-TV. The music from the show often featured on the backs of cereal boxes in the US too.

Obviously Archie and the gang weren’t the real voices behind the hit. Singer Ron Dante was lead vocalist on this one. Can you believe he also sang on another one of their successful songs, ‘Jingle, Jangle’, but this time singing as Betty or Veronica, using his falsetto.

Other ‘voices’ in the band were Toni Wine, who wrote the hit ‘A Groovy Kind of Love’ and Jeff Barry, who was responsible for songs like ‘Do Wah Diddy Diddy’ and ‘Then He Kissed Me’.

However whenever The Archies went on tour it was not these guys. Promotors put together other singers to go on tour to pretend they were The Archies.

Do you remember the song Sugar Sugar?