Eggplant is Better Than Most Commercial Medicines and Here are 10 Reasons Why!!

Eggplant is dark purple fleshy vegetable. It is not popular among people, but it is extremely beneficial for maintaining good health.

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Its amazing health benefits are derived from its vitamins, minerals and nutrient contents. Eggplant is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, folic acid, potassium and manganese.

Here you have 10 Reasons why you should start consuming it :

  1. Improves our heart health

This vegetable contains a potent antioxidant and phytonutrient know as nasunin which reduces the cholesterol levels and protects our cardiovascular system.

  1. Reduces blood pressure

Eggplant contains anthocyanins which reduces the blood pressure.

  1. Promotes weight loss

If you drink an eggplant juice you will lose your extra pounds faster than ever.

  1. Protects the brain

Nausinin in the eggplants destroys the free radicals in our body and protects our brain cells from damage.

  1. Free radical hunter

Eggplant contains chlorogenic acid that is one of the most powerful free radical scavengers.

  1. Reduces oxidative stress

Eggplant is rich in flavonoids that reduce the oxidative stress.

  1. A low calorie veggie

It has only 35 calories per cup which make it ideal for losing weight and improving the digestion.

  1. Controls our blood sugar level

This vegetable controls our blood sugar and helps us prevent diabetes.

  1. Can be used for many tasty dietary meals

Because it has low calories we can use it for making numerous of meals and improve our diet.

  1. The ultimate anti-carcinoma agent

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The latest study has confirmed that this vegetable kills the carcinoma cells and we can use it as a prevention for numerous cancer types.