Fans raise thousands for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries movie

If you’re a fan of saucy detectives and gripping murder mysteries, you’re in luck!

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The ABC’s hit detective show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is set to hit the big screen after fans raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a kickstarter campaign to turn the show into a movie.

The show’s producers set up a goal of $250,000 to be reached in 30 days, to plug up “financing gaps” in the project and prove to investors that they “have a strong fanbase who will come out to watch the film”.

It turns out they didn’t need 30 days though as rabid fans donated their hard earned cash to raise the money within 48 hours.

Follow-up targets of $300,000 and $400,000 were reached within the next 24 hours.

With 25 days still left on the crowdfunding campaign, they’ve now upped their target to $500,000. It’s currently already at $467,000 and counting.

The producers said the extra money will be used to add a new scene between lead characters Phryne Fisher and Detective Inspector John ‘Jack’ Robinson to the script.

The hit show follows the personal and professional life of Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) a glamorous private detective in 1920s Melbourne.

Despite only three seasons have been made, with the last airing in 2015, the show’s fanbase is incredibly passionate about the story and its characters.

Producers first spoke about turning the drama into a film in 2016, but have been waiting for Davis to become available.

She now lives in England and has a recurring role on the worldwide phenomenon Game of Thrones.

Thanks to all the money raised through the kickstarter campaign though, it looks like she may be packing her bags for Australia soon!

Are you a fan of this show? Would you like to see it made into a movie?