Have the PC police gone too far over Malcolm Turnbull?

It’s a photograph not unlike many you’ve probably taken yourself.

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If not that, then there’s likely to be plenty of them in a photo album, if not of you, certainly of your parents with you.

Yet when Malcolm Turnbull posted a picture of himself holding his granddaughter while watching the football he copped major criticism.

It’s not because he was supporting Sydney Swans. Well, some did mention that. But no, the main cause of the fuss was something different.

Why? Because he was holding both a beer and a child. At the same time. At the football.

But there was more.

There were also complaints because he was taking time off at the footy while he should have been focusing on issues like legalising gay marriage and immigration. Because he was at the football when other’s can’t afford it.

The comments said it all. Here are just some examples.

“Does any1 c anything irresponsible with an adult hold a baby and juggling a beer?”

And this:

“Great to see you can afford to go to the football and have a beer, many Australians can not thanks to tax hikes, overseas spending and all the advisers politicians have.”

Not everyone took to Turnbull with negative comments. There were plenty who wrote back in support.

As one person commented ‘Come on Australia let’s not lose the values that have made us what we are renown for worldwide.’

And this:

“I am reading some of these comments and am utterly disgusted. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just for once looked at this picture as a “man spending time with his family, enjoying holding his grandchild and enjoying 1/2 a beer” with all the hate in the world, it’s all changed by one person/comment/action at a time.”

What do you think? Was there anything wrong with the photo?