Hilarious video shows Judi Dench as you’ve NEVER seen her before

There’s no doubt Dame Judi Dench is a wonderful actress who can turn her hand to pretty much any part.

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But popular Millennial site LADBible has just released a video of Dench showing the 82-year-old actress in a very unexpected role: rapper.

Dench joins British star Lethal Bizzle to rap some of the words to his hits ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Pow’, complete with baseball cap with what appears to be her name emblazoned on the front.

The surprising collaboration may make more sense than it first appears, though. ‘Dench’ is sometimes used as slang in the UK for ‘nice’ or ‘sick’ (sick also means nice/good), Urban Dictionary explains. And Lethal Bizzle’s own clothing line is called Stay Dench – which is where actress’s cap came from.

She’s clearly happy with the headwear, exclaiming “Oh, I say!” when she pulls it from a bag. She’s a bit unsure about some of the words to the rap, though, struggling with “Anywhere I go gang rolling”, asking what it means. Lethal Bizzle explains that it means “Anywhere I go, my friends come with me”.

Once that’s cleared up, Dench gets into it, nailing all of the “pows” in second rap with plenty of passion. She’s clearly amused by the whole thing, smiling and laughing with full knowledge of how unlikely to whole scenario is.

It’s a far cry from Dench’s recent activities, which have mainly involved walking the red carpet in a series of glamorous outfits to promote her new film Victoria & Abdul, but the actress is known to be always game for a laugh.

It’s not the first time she’s let her humorous side show, delighting fans earlier this year by pranking her Murder on the Orient Express co-star Daisy Ridley.

Do you admire Judi Dench’s willingness to let go and have fun?