How to pick a ripe avocado every time

Thanks to modern farming, and some would say global warming, it seems like avocados never go out of season these days.

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While that’s great news for avocado lovers, it makes picking a ripe little beauty a year-round problem. There are plenty of theories out there, with everything from squeezing from the top and bottom to choosing based on colour being thrown around.

However, Youtuber The belgian’s wife says the best and only way to pick a ripe avocado is by removing the little stem at the top and seeing what colour is underneath.

According to the video blogger, if the colour under the stem is yellow-green, you’re good to go! This means no more having to wait for days for hard avocados to ripen only to miss the boat and end up with a brown mushy guacamole.

Her video has already been viewed nearly 10,000 times.

Take a look and tell us if you’ve tried this before!

How often do you eat avocados? Do you think the price of avos is too high these days?