‘Inside this not-so-healthy body, there’s a young, vibrant heart’

Do your family and friends really know you? Do they actually know the man or woman you are?  I’m beginning to wonder about mine! Recent events have lead me to believe that they really don’t!

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Yes, I’m bossy, I speak my mind (not unkindly), I’ve got a raunchy sense of humour. They know all that but I really don’t think they know the real me – Sue – no longer a wife, still a mum, intelligent, kind, caring, loving, sometimes painfully honest but supportive, and most of all, I don’t think they really know how much I love them.

I’ve tried to show them – in words and in deeds – but so much of the time I seem to be an irritation, a burden, an obligation, but convenient to make use of if it serves their purpose.

I am no ‘Holy Joe’ by any stretch of the imagination. I have my shortcomings just like everyone else.  I know what they are and try to temper them, BUT I am a good person and regardless of what I say or do, I do so with kindness in my heart.

Yes, I am older, yes, my age is showing, but inside this not-so-healthy body, there remains a vibrant, young (at least at heart) woman who still wants to love and laugh like anyone else. My mind is still functioning well (albeit the memory is a bit suss sometimes) and given my life experiences, I have a lot to contribute.

Sometimes, though, I feel like I am being written off.

Well, let me tell you something –  if they think that, then look out!  There’s plenty of life left in this old duck!

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve been ‘written off’, either by family or society?