It was not easy until I found these 22 tasty snacks that boost metabolism

Snacking is a part of  a healthy lifestyle. So you are hungry between meals? Snack! Here are the best recipe to boost metabolism, and they are all healthy! Some are to die for actually, so why not try them?

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  1. Baked chips of zucchinithese chips are not like potato chips and are healthier
  2. Butternut squash chips– tasty and easy to make
  3. Chocolate, banana, almond butter bites– replace PB for them
  4. PB, granola, apple sandwiches– sweet and tasty
  5. Spicy popcorn siracha– add a drop siracha sauce in the butter and drizzle over them
  6. Vietnamese spring rolls– wrap up some fish shrimp, herbs and mint in paper of rice.
  7. Dry apple chipsmake them in the microwave
  8. Toast of avocado and sunny side egg up-replace butter with avocado spread on toast and egg in between.
  9. Avocado with hard boiled egg– chop an avocado and few boiled eggs
  10. Mini cauliflower crust pizzastastes like pizza with less carbs
  11. Baked chips of carrot- brush the carrot pieces with olive oil, put them in the oven for 10 min on 375 F.
  12. PB bars and cheerios– replace other cereals here if you want
  13. Ants on a log– clever idea with some twist
  14. Ranch veggie dip and greek yoghurtpacked with proteins
  15. Fruit bites covered in yoghurt– coat the fruits with it, freeze and enjoy them
  16. Guacamole cottage cheese– add this cheese for guacamole and boost proteins.
  17. Healthy trail mixes– make your own!
  18. PB and honey Yoghurt dip- tangy, sweet,
  19. Cucumbers with herb cream cheese and cherry tomato– simple tasty.
  20. Quick pico de gallo recipeamazing dip for any meal to make a good snack.
  21. Garlic toast crackers and prosciutto with fresh mozzarella– amazing and good for any guest
  22. Mediterranean rollups of cucumber– they have hummus, feta, peppers, and are tasty and healthy.