Jane Seymour gets physical in new TV role

Jane Seymour has scored a starring new role in a movie about a old fitness fad.

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The 66-year-old former Bond girl, more recently known for East of Eden, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and roles in movies like Wedding Crashers, has been named to feature in a half-hour comedy show called Let’s Get Physical.

As the name implies, yes, it’s all about aerobics, and the ’80s. In the show Seymour will play a former Miss Texas who is who is obsessed with maintaining the family fitness legacy and anti-aging remedies.

It’s a topic she knows all too well.

“Speaking as someone who has graced the pages of Jane Fonda’s iconic workout book and actually participated in the aerobics craze that launched a thousand legwarmers, I’m thrilled to be part of this incredibly funny comedy with an incredibly talented cast,” Seymour said, reports Deadline.

While we wont get to see the show on our screens until 2018 Seymour is keeping herself busy with another topic she knows well. Art. As well as an actress Seymour has been a keen artist. She has not only worked as a painter, in watercolours and oils, she’s also worked as a designer.

The grandmother is also headed to Australia in November to take part in La Dolce Italia and Carnevale events including attending the Melbourne Cup.

What do you admire Jane Seymour for the most?