Jokey Hugh Jackman pays homage to picture-perfect Lisa Wilkinson

She’s interviewed countless stars and some of them have gone on to become personal friends, but clearly Hugh Jackson is a particularly special one for Lisa Wilkinson.

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The actor has been on the Today show that she co-hosts with Karl Stefanovic, even stepping in co-host back in 2012, which caused plenty of people to praise the natural chemistry he had with Wilkinson on the morning show set.

Wilkinson in turn named the hunky actor as one of her most enjoyable interviewees in the past. And she scored brownie points by taking gorgeous photographs of his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, which Jackman loved.

So it’s no surprise that the actor was keen to show his appreciation with an appearance at the Archibald Prize Portrait Exhibition, where he posed with the award-wining painting of Wilkinson.

As usual, Jackman, who’s often praised for his down-to-earth approach, was happy to look ‘unstarry’ in the candid snap.

The portrait of the TV host by Peter Smeeth won the Packing Room Prize, which is judged by the staff of the Art Gallery of New South Wales that unpack and hang the painting.

Wilkinson’s previously commented on the incredible likeness Smeeth captured in the portrait, saying that it was “kind of eerie”.

“When I looked at it, I just thought he totally got me,” she said, according to the ABC.

Jackman, meanwhile, credits his parents and his home country for the frequent accolades he gets for simply being a nice guy and good buddy in the notoriously bitchy world of Hollywood.

“The way I am in life is the way I was brought up,” he said in 2015. “Dad brought us up to have respect, to have manners, my Dad would just call it manners, be respectful of people and I also think being Australian is part of that, you can’t put on airs and graces here, people will cut you down to size pretty quickly.”

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