Marry the Guy Who Brings out the Best in You, Not the Stress in You

Love isn’t enough to sustain a marriage. We all want to believe that it defies all obstacles, but there are many factors involved in a successful, happy relationship. For one, the guy you’re with should be someone who encourages you to be your best self, without feeling threatened, insecure or bothered by your excellence. Here’s how you’ll know:

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He makes you think differently about what you can accomplish
Many women tend to struggle with impostor syndrome. At times, we feel like a fraud or that we’ll never be “good enough” in comparison to others. The right guy will encourage you to play down negative self-talk or doubts. Wait for the one who will be your ‘supporter.’ He’ll make you feel like anything is possible; and you’ll want to become a better version of yourself to make you and him proud.

He pushes you out of your comfort zone in a good way
It can be comfortable to stick to our own way of doing things. And although taking big risks are tackled at your own pace, he’s there to support you to step out in new ways. Marry the guy who will allow you to embrace your dreams rather than make them seem like unachievable fantasies.

He makes you feel you can get through the toughest of times
At times you may experience painful moments togetherwhether because of each other or via other obstacles—but he helps you realize you don’t have to fight those battles alone. No matter how strong or independent you may be, we all need a helping hand.  

He sees something special in you that most people overlook
Your friends and family may speak volumes about you, but it’s another thing when it comes from a man who’s in love with you. He may have even picked up traits about you that others never really cared to notice or explore. Wait for the guy who knows you better than you know yourself.

You can spend time together doing your own thing
You don’t need to spend every waking moment together to know your love is the real thing. You’re both secure in the love you share, and it’s evident when you pursue your own hobbies (with or without each other).