Never Marry the Guy With These 6 Habits

‘Til death do us part are some very important words that carry a lot of responsibility. It can be difficult to tell if the person you’re dating is truly the one you should say “yes” to, and a lot of factors go into making that decision. To make it a little easier, take our advice and reject the ring if your guy is known for these behaviors.

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Habitually Late
There is nothing more frustrating than constantly waiting on someone else. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life being that couple that shows up more than fashionably late to every event. Either buy him a watch or hold off on the “I do.”

Habitually Nasty
Whether it’s leaving dishes in the sink or going months without changing the sheets, living with a dirty person is not only unsanitary, it can be madness-inducing. If your guy makes a habit of living in filth, get out before you become his perpetual maid.

Habitually Insensitive
When it comes to choosing who to spend the (hopefully!) rest of your life with, sensitivity should be a considered trait. You want a husband who is compassionate and thoughtfully considerate – if not, it’s going to be a tough next 50 years.

Habitually Self-centered
If your guy makes it a habit to only talk about himself while you’re dating, it’s likely he’ll continue the trend once you’re married. Coming in second to someone else’s ego isn’t an ideal way to spend your future; don’t settle for a narcissist.

Habitually Bad-mannered
Have you ever dealt with a friend or co-worker who never seemed to learn how to say “please” and “thank you”? It can be beyond frustrating – even more so with a significant other. Don’t marry someone unless they know the importance of common courtesy.

Habitually Negative
Everyone has their bad days, but if your partner seems to always be in a grumpy mood – and makes a habit of bringing you down with him – you shouldn’t walk down the aisle. Don’t let his negativity become the ball and chain that drags you down.