News anchor forced to pull plug after ‘inappropriate’ comment

A CNN news anchor has been forced to literally pull the plug on guests on a panel after one made an “inappropriate” comment on air.

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It was one particular word that got the host incredulous: “boobs”.

Host Brooke Baldwin was leading a panel discussion between ESPN Magazine writer Keith Reed and sports radio host Clay Travis about ESPN anchor Jemele Hill, whom the White House has called to be fired for calling President Donald Trump a white supremacist.

Those supporting Hill have backed her right to free speech, which is protected by the US Constitution in the First Amendment, however Travis managed to use this as an opportunity to announce his love and admiration for mammary glands live on air.

“I believe in only two things completely. The First Amendment, and boobs,” Travis said.

Baldwin was so shocked she wasn’t actually sure whether he said what she thought he said, and attempted to clarify.

“Wait, did you just say?

“Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on, I just want to make sure I heard you correctly, as a woman anchoring this show. What did you just say? You believe in the First Amendment and …”

Travis didn’t take the hint that he may have said the wrong thing, and was more than happy to clarify.

“Boobs,” he repeated.

“Two things that have never let me down in this country’s history, the First Amendment and boobs. So those are the only two things I believe in absolutely in the country.”

Baldwin still wasn’t quite believing her ears.

“I just want to make sure I’m hearing you correctly, b-o-o-z-e, or b-o-o-b-s, because as a woman, I’m …” she stammered.

“I said “boobs’. I believe in the First Amendment, and in boobs,” he reiterated.

“Why would you even say that on national television, and with a female host?” Baldwin asked.

“I say it live on the radio all the time, because it’s true, and that’s what I do. Because I like boobs and First Amendment, which is exactly what I said.”

“I’m done. I’m sorry, I’m done. I’m done, this is done. Conversation over, yanking mics. Bye. See ya,” Baldwin said, ending the segment abruptly.

“That was entirely inappropriate,” she said, addressing the audience.

“Forgive me that it took a second, it’s like, live television happens and you think you hear something, but you’re not entirely sure, and then you realise it happened. So I apologise, for him … and that.”

You can watch the video below. Do you think it warranted such an extreme reaction?

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