Are your legs tired for no reason? Is thinking of heels immediately associated to a feeling of pain and discomfort? Truth is leg pain disappears quite easily, and with a simple homemade recipe that works even for older people and in cases of severe arthrosclerosis.


The solution is: bay leaf!

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How does bay leaf reduce leg pain?


  • Buy an average pack of bay leaf.


  • Take a bucket, and fill it with distillated water. Pour one of the packs inside, and boil the mixture for 20 minutes. Once it is prepared, steam your legs with it for half an hour, and put on some woolen socks to preserve the pleasant temperature. Do the same every day, and you will see swelling disappear and movement become way easier. Doctors recommend this procedure at least for a week each 6 months.


  • In case of excessive and serious swelling, bay leaf can also help. You just need to prepare a pre-bed bath with several laurel leaves, and you will feel much better in the morning.


To get rid of excessive sweating of the feet, pelvis zaparte 20-40 laurel leaves. Do foot bath before every bedtime.

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