Saturday night nostalgia: Remember your perms of the 70s and 80s?

While the sixties and seventies might be known for having lots of straight hair styles, much like that favoured today, do you remember when in came the big hair moments? By big hair I mean big. From soft waves to full, full curls!

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And who wanted to spend hours every night with curlers in their hair when you could go for the permanent option? 

Sure you sat for hours and hours getting your hair pulled and tugged and then coated in that strong smelling eye watering perming solution, but it was totally worth it. Well, we thought so at the time.

And there were so many options for style! 

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While the younger set were going all spiral perm there were so many different perm styles to choose from. Can you smell the perming solution already?

The hair up there

Remember when we went for big hair, in a big way? There was more height on top than anywhere else. At least you looked taller!

Barbara Streisand did it.

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Racquel Welch did it too.

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The long flick

Who didn’t want the effortless Farrah Fawcett look? For those of us with dead straight hair it meant a loose bit of curl.

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The short flick

Think Princess Diana. This look was basically a shorter version of the Farrah.

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The Poodle

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You are thinking classic Kath from Kath and Kim with this look. Short back and sides with full curl!

hoi #kathandkim

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Wild and wooly

You can’t go past Cher for turning back time, especially when it comes with a full mane of curls.

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The ever changing

Dolly Parton has had her fair share of variations on the curled hair theme. Remember these?

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What style of perm did you have?